Sunday, November 2, 2008

Third Trimester (Week 28)

Wow... how time flies! Hello everybody. This past week I just entered the third trimester. Can you believe that? According to some websites I think I might weigh about 2 pounds now and the size of a Napa Cabbage. I can even blink my eyes and even see some light from the outside world. I just can't wait until I can see what mommy, daddy, and everyone looks like!

This past week was sure a whirl wind. The 28th week sure was not a week for rest. Mommy and daddy were busy as can be. They started the week off by registering for my baby shower. Thanks Auntie Lori for helping mommy! Then they went to a series of perinatal classes (lamaze classes). The way Huntington Hospital (that's where I plan to be born) offers these classes is that they let the parents pick and choose which courses they would like to take instead of a whole series of predesigned courses. So on Monday night they went to a class on the hospital birth experience...that was kind of overwhelming and a little scary. Sometimes the less you know, the better. Tuesday...Yay! I experienced my first Lakers game. It was opening night at the Staples Center and the way everyone sounded... I think they won. Wednesday night mommy and daddy went to a class describing labor. That too was pretty overwhelming. Thursday night was a class about daddy supporting mommy during this whole process. He learned how to massage and comfort mommy. I hope he does a good job! Otherwise I think he'll be in trouble. Sunday was the tour of the hospital. That was pretty cool! Huntington Hospital sure is pretty. Everything is coming really fast now! Well, it was a super duper busy week and I'm pretty tired now so I'll talk to everyone later!