Thursday, September 4, 2008

OMG!!! Half Way There (Week 20)

Hello everyone! This blog entry signifies the 20th week, although the pictures and video of me are when I was 19 weeks. Half way there. I'm growing by the day now and can't wait to meet everyone. My mommy's tummy is finally starting to show now. People still have a hard time believing that my mom is already 5 months pregnant. Both of them are feeling pretty excited and nervous. Mommy is still having some food aversions. She's lost her appetite towards eating pieces of meat, but my daddy (Mr. Gohan) is still eating his heart out :) Last week my mommy and daddy went to the doctor and they got a Huge Surprise! To make a long story short....about 6weeks ago, the doctor and nurse thought that I was going to be a boy. So everyone was expecting a boy, but Surprise! The doctor confirmed last week that I'm a girl. That's right.... a princess in the making (^_^) . Mommy and daddy were surprised to say the least. But that's enough about my parents... according to the doctor I'm doing just fine and I'm healthy as can be. So far so good, I've past all my tests with flying colors so far. My parent's are hoping that this will continue for the next 20+ years or so. Bye for now.

Week 19 Pictures