Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Introducing Baby Gohan! (Week 13)

Something's cookin! Introducing "baby gohan", well not yet. We'll have to wait several more months until I am born, but the much anticipated wait of actually finding out that my parents were pregnant was a definite whirl wind. My mom and dad had taken a home pregnancy test two weeks prior to the first doctor visit, but it really didn't feel "official" until my parents visited a doctor to confirm.... and confirm she did! YES.... I do exist!!!

My daddy, "Mr. Gohan" and mommy "Mrs. Gohan" thought perhaps that they were about 9 weeks pregnant, but to everyone's surprise they got their first look of me via an ultrasound and the doctor said "baby gohan" was about 13 weeks. WOW!!!! I'll keep everyone up to date on how I am coming along and I'll also tell you how my crazy parents are doing. One thing is for certain though.... I know that I'll be loved ! Also I know I'll be forced to be a Lakers fan =) I can't wait until I get to meet everyone!